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Where to Preorder Kingdom Hearts 2.5 in Japanese

If you’re a person who loves collectables or finds enjoyment in playing games in another language then the opportunity to play Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- in Japanese is appealing. However, it’s hard to find sites where you can preorder the game, and even harder to find websites that are selling the different versions of the game.

We’ve compiled this list of websites where you can order the game to play when it releases on October 2nd, just 41 days away! If you know of any other websites or great deals for other fans, register with us on the forums and share with your fellow fans!

All prices are in the American dollar. Does not include shipping costs. Remember that PS3’s are region free so you can play this game if you don’t live in Japan!

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Sora & Roxas || Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts III fanmade posters 1/? - Maleficent

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See you soon, 2.5 HD Remix.

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It was announced only 24 hours ago that this weeks edition of Famitsu Weekly would feature Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Thankfully it wasn’t a long wait before we got to see these scans with our own eyes, and it looks gorgeous!

There are a total of 6 scans that you can view on our website!

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Sora throughout the Kingdom Hearts series

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I’m sorry, but…I can’t go with you

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Keyblade Wielders

Generation II

This time…I’ll fight.

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thirty day colouring challenge: make a colouring using the base image twice



Just a small doodle I did a while ago and forgot to post.