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"Are you still dreaming?"

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KH appreciation week:

Day 1: Favourite Game
Kingdom Hearts

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You make a good o t h e r


"How could you..." Full Quality [x]


Sorry for the shitty edit lmao 

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m getting a bit antsy for 2.5 to come out in December. So, as a way to show love for Kingdom Hearts, start the hype train back up and to help the waiting go by a little quicker, I thought an appreciation week for my favorite video game series would be fun!

It runs from Sunday the 14th to Saturday the 20th

Sunday: Favorite game in the series 
Monday: Favorite character in the series
Tuesday: A scene that makes you emotional
Wednesday: A scene where that makes you laugh 
Thursday: Favorite original or Disney world 
Friday: Favorite trio of the series
Saturday: Wild card day! Pick something and go with it!

If you want, tag things as kh week or khweek!! 

Anyways, have fun! I’m excited! :) 

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'cause there's nothing else to do-

every me and every you

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