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AU where Sora has Snapchat - Part 3

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KH TRIOS  Goofy + Sora+ Donald {insp}

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Sora in beautiful HD 4/?

─── You’re not alone anymore.

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~ ☆ FF Verse/KH Verse ( Part 1 ) ☆ ~


When everyone comes back to life I want Sora to pull Roxas aside

take him to Destiny Island

where Lea and Xion are waiting for him on the beach

and when Roxas looks at Sora through teary eyes, sora smiles that sora smile and just replies

"you never got to finish your summer vacation."



AU where Sora has Snapchat;

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Video Game History Through Controllers

by Javier Laspiur

Kairi style sheet
inspired by [x]

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